Express Spa Pedi ...

Watch for our  “Scent of the Month” Custom scrub & lotion

30-45 minutes
Gel polish over acrylic

After your fill get Cnd gel polish

completely dry, with a high shine & then out the door!

Just a little extra for pink & white or nail art.

average $2. to $5. per nail
Nail Art
Customize your nails for that special occasion or fun event.
$35 color add $5 for Pink & White
Shellac Manicure by Creative Nail Design-this is a "Power Polish"

This is a "power polish" cured under u.v. light, lots of shine and durability. Colored or pink and white. Over 80 colors to choose!

Approximately 45-60 min.


$60set $45 fills
Creative Nail Design Gel Nails
Exclusively featuring the Creative Nail Design gel nail system, which were launched out of Germany. These are a new type of nail enhancement, recommended for people who pamper their nails and hands.Gels come in a wide variety of colors and can be customized to your tastes.

Acrylic...we do not currently offer acrylic nails

50.00 & up
Full Set Pink & White
Our full set of pink and whites includes forms or tips, acrylic and finishing. Pink and White Nails leave your nails with a clean and professional touch and are edgy for any occasion.
40.00 & up
Pink & White Fill
Keep your pink and whites looking perfect with our fills.
45.00 & up
Full Set Colored Tip Acrylics
A modern twist on pink and whites. Colored acrylics are a fun way to express your personality. You can also customize your colored acrylics to match special evening or even team colors!
35.00 & up
Colored Acrylic Fill
Keep your color acrylics looking perfect with our customized fill. To change from one colored acrylic to another add $10.