90 minute $90
Deep Tissue Massage (1 hour)

A stronger massage to work & relieve muscles & tendons.

1 hour $65
Relaxing Massage

A combination of modalities...customized to your needs.

1 hour
All That Jazz Salon & Day Spa offers many types of massage therapy. Our Licensed Massage Therapists can work  to develop body work that is good for you.
$85 one hour $100 ninety min.
Hot Stone Massage
Hot Stone massage is a warm soothing massage done with vey warm stones.  It is unique and feels wonderful!
one hour
$85 one hour $125 ninety minute
Ashiatsu Massage
Ashiatsu is a specialiazed type of massage done with the therapist's feet.  The therapist can adjust pressure used by hanging from overhead bars.  This is a must try massage! It is possible to do a very deep massage with this modality.
sixty minute 75 minute 90 minute
$130. 1hour $190 1.5 hour
Indulge Massage Double the ahhh!!!
This massage is especially indulgent! You have two  therapists working on you at the same time.  Aromatherapy is inclluded, to suit clients needs.
60 minute 90 minute
Happy Momma Massage!
A prenatal massage designed to each momma's needs. Enjoy a relaxing treatment with us.
one hour
$45 thirty min. Sixty minute $75
Focal Point or Sports Massage
This massage focuses on one area, such as your back & neck, scalp & neck, arm & hand, leg & foot, customized to each client.
cranial sacral massage therapy
a specialized massage, focusing on pressure points in the cranium, neck, & sacrum areas.
60 minute
$30.00 for each twenty minute encrement
Hand Massage
Tired hands need pampering too! Indulge yourself with this refreshing massage service for hands. Guys  Hard working hands get sore, tired, and cracked. Check out our gentleman's hand care.
Thirty Minutes & Up
$40.00 for each thirty minute encrement
Foot Massage
Your feet work overtime so give them the much needed attention they deserve!  Standing on your feet all day can make you tired so come in an revive them.
Thirty Minutes
$30 for thirty minutes
Rosemary Mint Scalp Massage
This stimulating scalp massage treatment will refresh and energize. A great massage to help with headaches,stress,or sinus pressure. Opt for a shampoo and style afterwards for approximately $25.00
thirty minutes
$40.00 thirty min.
Sports Massage
Athletes give 100%. Give back to your body with this specialized sports massage for athletes.
Thirty Minutes
$65combo 1 hr... $75deep tissue 1 hr
1 Hour Massage
Give your body the care and attention it deserves. Relax and unwind as we treat you to our Signature Massage, personalized for each client.
$90combo ninety min....$100deep tissue ninety min.
Ninety Minute Massage
Watch the stress melt away with this extended massage spa service, certain to help you relax and ease away the stresses of every day life.  This deluxe massage can be customized to suit your needs.
90 minute